You should read these five tips if you want to make good use of bread maker

Whether you are exhausted by the taste of store bought bread, you want control of the ingredients in your bread or you just want to save some money, there are lots of reasons why anyone would want a bread maker today. Technology makes making bread ever easier. Furthermore, bread makers make more than just bread these days. Check out these bread maker tips:

bread maker

1) Make more than just bread.
Bread machines don’t just make exceptionally good bread. Technology has allowed the bread machine to evolve to the point whereby they can easily replace other appliances in your home. For instance, most bread machines have a “cake” setting that allows you to make a cake from scratch. Additionally, you can still use the machine to make dough for pizza, pies, croissants, cookies, literary anything that uses dough

2) Get the bread maker that best suits you.
Simple assembly, simple to use and simple clean up. Though not present in all bread makers, removable bread pans are common in today’s appliances. If you have a removable pan, it means cleaning it up is going to be relatively easy by any standards. It is simple to dismantle, clean and assemble. As I had mentioned earlier, it is easy to use the bread maker provided you don’t stray too far from the manufacturer’s safety guide. Using it is as simple as dumping the ingredients in closing the lid and giving it time to cook. After which, you will only have the pan and the blade to clean.

3) No compromise on quality.
Bread makers make high quality bread. For instance bread made from dough that is mixed and kneaded in a bread machine is proven to have a finer texture and rise higher as opposed to dough mixed and kneaded by hand. The result? High grade bread with the ingredients mixed down to the most basic level for a seamless taste.

4) Bread machines have very usable timers.
Cooking is meant to be both as easy as possible and fum These timers make it all the more easier. Throw in the ingredients for your favorite dinner rolls into the bread maker before heading off to church and come back a few hours later to have your risen dough ready for you to shape. Set your favorite pizza dough ready to roll out of the bread maker when you walk in from a long day at work. These timers give you liberty to have your food ready whenever you want.

5) Fresh food
Let’s just forget, for one moment, about all the other uses of the bread maker beyond making bread. Store bought bread has a shelf life of about one week. This cannot compare to warm, freshly baked bread. And even if you won’t eat it all at once, manufacturers recommend that you eat machine baked bread within two days after making it.

You can also conserve electricity. If you are baking something small like macaroni and cheese, pumpkin bread or even a cheese cake, use your bread maker. No need to heat up your full sized oven for a small pan of meatloaf while you can save energy. These are just a few tips. There are possibly endless uses for the bread maker.

How To Use A Centrifuge – The Unlimited Guide

A centrifuge is a machine used to separate a solution into its constituent elements. It is generally used in laboratories for isotopic separation and in day to day life washing machine is the best paradigm of this equipment.


Centrifuge is designed to cause a centripetal acceleration in which the denser substance move in radial Outward direction and lighter substance deposits at smaller radius perimeter due to the applicability of radial perpendicular force which is proportional to the radius of circle, hence easily causing separation of solution. Whether large or small centrifuge, a centrifuge has a motor to which a spindle and a flexible collar is attached. There are several diametrically opposite pockets in which objects under study are placed. So when we start motor, spindle and flexible collars along with the pockets also starts rotating around a fixed axis.

According to the application there are mainly three types of centrifuge. One is Industrial scale centrifuge which is used for suspending solids while manufacturing and waste processing. For example cream separators used in dairies. Another type is very high speed centrifuges (Ultra centrifuges) which produces very high acceleration and separates particles to a very minute scale (nano scale) or molecules of varying masses. Another one is gas centrifuges used for enriching fissile isotopes or nuclear fuel.

How to Use

There are several important guidelines needed to be followed while using a centrifuge to avoid any damage to machine as well as to the user.

1. Work surface: Work surface must finely level before the use. Centrifuge cannot work on slanted or uneven work surface.

2. Balancing: Balancing is the most important and fundamental requirement for its successful working. One needs to carefully balance the mass or weight before starting. For example is a 5ml sample is put in a pocket then diametrically opposite pocket should be balanced by any other sample having the same mass or weight.

3. Complete closure: Complete closure of machine is necessary during its running mode. This is purely for the safety of user as the rotational motion is carried out at really high speed

4. Avoid Vibration: if in any situation the machine starts vibrating, shut off operation should be immediately performed as it causes severe damage to machine. Vibration is the sign of unbalancing so one must find the cause of imbalance and after rectifying the cause again start the centrifuge.

5. The machine should stand still while the motor is rotation.

Above measures work good when the object under study is non hazardous substance. While working with biohazarduos substances following things should be kept in mind. The tube or bottles used for filling the substance should be crack free and should be stress resistant. Sealing of machine should be proper and inspection of O seal should be done properly before use. After performing the operation, machine should be opened in a biological safety cabinet. Any apparent spills of biohazardous substance on centrifuge should be immediately wiped off with distilled water of detergent.

Centrifuge is being used in day to day life, industries, scientific laboratories etc in various forms and has made our lives very simple. But with great power comes the great responsibilities so one must be careful while using it.